I can't wait to see this show! Please tell me when will this tour happen?

Video Games Live is a perpetual tour and currently performing around the world.  Please sign up for our mailing list located on the homepage for all of the latest information and schedules. Current information can also be found on the Tour Dates section of our website.

How can I sign up to receive more information regarding VGL?

Please sign up on our homepage.  We'll make sure to send out regular information as it comes in.

When will tickets go on sale?

Please visit our Tour Dates section for exact on-sale dates as they happen.

How can I help get VGL to my town?

The best way right now is to sign up with your zip code on the homepage.  Sign up now!

Who started Video Games Live and why?

Video Games Live was founded in 2002 by video game composers and game industry veterans Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall under the parent company Mystical Stone Entertainment, LLC.  Tommy & Jack have over 35 years experience in the game industry and utilize all of their personal contacts, friends and knowledge in the industry to help create the show.  When creating a segment for Video Games Live, the actual game composers, designers, creators, artists, producers and marketing teams all join in to help produce and ensure the highest quality.

The main goal for creating Video Games Live was to show the world how culturally significant and artist video games have become.  Aside from being a celebration of the entire gaming industry, we also wanted to create a unique entertainment experience for the non-gamers and/or casual gamers as well.  By utilizing incredible visuals and interactive segments in such a unique way, we are drawing in an audience that may normally not be interested in attending a game music production.  Some of our greatest letters and e-mails have been from non-gamers who felt like their eyes were opened to a completely new form of entertainment and music.

Another goal of Video Games Live is to usher in a whole new generation of people to experience an orchestra performance.  A lot of people who attend our show are seeing a symphony for the first time.  A lot of symphonies around the world unfortunately don't seem to be connecting with the younger generation and are sometimes struggling to fill the music halls.  Video Games Live is constantly being credited as helping to rejuvenate symphonic music similar to what opera did hundreds of years ago.

Do you play the same music every night?

No.  In fact, quite the opposite.  Video Games Live currently has created over 60 different segments for the show yet a 2 1/2 hour performance only allows for approximately 20 segments to be played.  Video Games Live is constantly changing, adding and updating its content to ensure a unique performance each time.  The goal is to come back each year to your area an offer a new and exciting experience.  Of course there are some very popular segments in the show like Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Halo & Warcraft that get played mostly every night, but we're always finding ways to enhance and update those as well with things like new video, new arrangements, new special fx, guest musicians, etc.

Will this music and tour only appeal to gamers?

No.  Not just gamers.  There is a big misconception by some people about what video game music is.  It is NOT a bunch of bleeps and bloops.  We have a section dedicated to the old retro arcade classics but there is modern music as well as older, more memorable pieces that no one has ever heard played live.  This music will most definitely appeal to gamers, families, moms and dads and the symphonic crowd.  The video game music of today is just as significant and notable as any movie score. Combine a full choir and amazing immersive visuals like sychronized video screens, interactive segments, special fx, sychronized lighting, lasers, stage show elements etc... and you get Video Games Live! This is a unique event and experience that EVERYONE will enjoy!

Is this tour in the US only?

No.  Video Games Live performs all over the world and was the very first concert to ever perform game music in  countries such as Canada, Mexico, Brazil, England, Scotland, France, Taiwan, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal and most of the United States.  Video Games Live was also the very first non-Asian game concert to perform in Asia (Korea) at the 12,000 seat Olympic Park Stadium and the first non-Japanese produced concert to perform in Japan.

How many segments will be in the show?

The concert will have approximately 20 segments and lasts for approximately  2 1/2 hours (including a 15 to 20 min. intermission).  Exact show lengths are sometimes determined by the local orchestras, venues and promoters.  We have more than enough music to fill the 2 1/2 hours, so you never know exactly what will be played at any given show.

What is this Video Games Live festival?

Prior to each show, Video Games Live will open its doors to present a festival celebrating the video game world.  There may be gaming competitions, a costume contest, prize give-a-ways, raffles, and playable demos (select cities).  A meet and greet with top industry designers, composers and creators is also held immediately following the show.  The meet and greet is free of charge and is open to every ticket holder.  Each show has different start time so please check with the venues directly to find out when doors open.

What music will be performed?

We've created over 60 different segments for Video Games Live.  A complete and updated list of franchises covered can be found on the "What is VGL" section of the website.

How the heck are you going to play music from Pong & Robotron?

I guess you'll just have to come to the show and find out for yourselves!  :)

How long did it take you to put this show together?

Started in 2002, it originally took over 3 years in order to design, build and get all of the proper approvals and licenses for the show.  Getting every publisher involved from all over the world was a difficult task at times because of the uniqueness of what we were doing.  The Video Games Live debut performance took place on July 6th, 2005 at the Hollywood Bowl featuring the LA Philharmonic Orchestra.  Over 11,000 audience members participated in the largest video game concert in history.  Most of the game music played (Halo, Sonic, Metal Gear Solid, Mario, Zelda, Warcraft, Tomb Raider, Myst, Kingdom Hearts, Tron, Medal of Honor, Advent Rising, etc.) had never been performed live.

Will there be exclusive video footage shown during the event?

Yes!  There will be special video content and exclusive game footage of up & coming games that you will ONLY be able to view at Video Games Live.  We also sometimes perform segments of games that have yet to be released!

Will there be games there to play? How about competitions?

At select venues we will have gaming stations set up for attendees to go head to head on some of your favorite video games.  Past gaming competitions have included games such as Guitar Hero™ and Space Invaders.

Will I be able to bring my children to this show? Will there be mature content?

Although the video game industry sometimes gets a bad rap for violent and mature content we do not show anything considered mature. The video game industry currently monitors itself with a rating system set up by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board).  They have a wonderful website dedicated to educating families and parents on the self-regulated system that all video game publishers abide by.  The Federal Trade Commission recently praised the video game industry saying that "there is much in the game industry's rating disclosure requirements that merits duplication by others."  Although a few games in the show do carry a "Mature" rating, we make certain that the visuals for those particular titles are appropriate for the entire family.  We intend on creating a celebration that can be shared by everyone no matter how young or old.  We are very sensitive to making sure we are promoting and showing the industry in a good light.

Will the concerts be recorded?  How can I purchase it?

The first album entitled "VIDEO GAMES LIVE - VOLUME ONE" was recorded in the famous Abbey Road Studios (Beatles)  in London and was released worldwide from EMI Classics in the summer of 2008.  It debuted at #10 on the Billboard Charts!  It is the very first worldwide video game album compilation and includes music from such franchises as Kingdom Hearts®, Halo®, Castlevania®, Warcraft®, Myst®, Tetris®, God of War™, Advent Rising, Tron and others!  The album is available in all major stores around the world, all online music stores and distributors (Amazon, etc.) as well as iTunes.

We are currently producing a DVD in order for everyone to have an opportunity to enjoy Video Games Live.  The DVD will contain lots of behind-the-scenes footage, the "making of...", as well as exclusive interviews, interactive material, multiple concert and video screen camera angles and bonus footage with a lot of the game composers from around the world.

Are cameras allowed at the shows?

Video Games Live has absolutely no problem with people taking personal photos or video of the event.  Certain venues and symphonies prohibit such practices so you may want to check with the venue before attending.  If you do take pictures please send them to us so we can add to our online collection!  We keep a HUGE catalog of all our performances to share with everyone.  You can view them in our IMAGES section HERE.  If you are able to take personal video of the show please share it with the world and post it on the internet in places such as YouTube.  It's a fantastic marketing tool for us!  There are currently over 4,000 Video Games Live YouTube videos which you can view HERE.

So, if you had to sum it up, what exactly is Video Games Live?

Video Games Live is an immersive concert event featuring music from the greatest video games of all time.  Created and produced by industry veterans and world famous video game composers Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall; top orchestras and choirs around the world perform along with exclusive video footage and music arrangements, synchronized lighting, solo performers, electronic percussion, live action and unique interactive segments to create an explosive one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.

The best way to describe Video Games Live?  Picture the excitement and energy of a rock concert mixed with the power and emotion of a symphony orchestra combined together by the technology, interactivity, stunning visuals and fun that only video games can provide.  Completely synchronized cutting-edge video screen visuals, state-of-the-art lighting and special on-stage interactive segments dazzle audiences of all ages – gamers and non-gamers alike.

Special events surround the show, including a pre- and post-show festival.  Guests will enjoy interactive game demos, prizes, a costume contest, game competitions and the very popular meet-and-greet with top game composers and designers.


Can we suggest music and segments to be played at Video Games Live?

Absolutely!  Please sign up to our mailing list on the front page of this site.  You will find a box that will enable you to list your favorite games and suggestions.  Please make sure to include your zip code when filling out the form!  Whenever we go into an area we collect all the data from that region to see what the audience is most interested in hearing.  This especially comes in handy when we're visiting new countries for the very first time.  We also take all the data and find out what the most wanted segments are that we currently do NOT have in our show and start creating new segments based on those figures.  We also have an section in the Video Games Live Forums where you can make suggestions but signing up to the mailing list will help to ensure your selections and suggestions in your area.

How much are tickets?

It has always been the goal of Video Games Live to provide the highest quality production and entertainment for the lowest possible price.  Each venue and city we visit will have a unique pricing structure which is determined by things such as venue size, orchestra/choir and local production costs.  Most shows usually start at around US$20 and go up to US$60.  Certain locations (such as the Hollywood Bowl) even had tickets starting at $1!  We've also put on a number of FREE performances as well.

What makes the Video Games Live event unique from anything else out there?

What Video Games Live does differently is to present a complete celebration and multimedia concert experience to the world at the most affordable prices.  It’s not just video game music played in a classical setting.  Video games lend themselves to be much more than that.  Synchronized video, energetic lighting, special fx, interactive music segments with the crowd, every big game license and publisher, pre- and post-show festival activities, etc… these are all things that no one has ever done before and we will continue to do.  Other unique things include:

1.  We have the entire video game industry behind the event including all publishers and developers.  We have the most popular, best music selections and highest selling franchises in video game history.

2.  We are the only event that provides synchronized video throughout the show.  Video images are a big part of video games and we are the only ones who show constant in-sync video with the music.  Throughout the entire show the video plays in perfect synchronization with the arrangements.  Each segment tells a story or highlights a franchise right in time with the music and lights.  Video Games Live also includes exclusive "never before seen" video game footage that people have yet to see from games that have yet to be released.

3.  Professional lighting and sound.  We have spectacular synchronized special effects designed by the people who create things like the amazing Trans Siberian Orchestra show each year as well as artists like Aerosmith, Prince, Nine Inch Nails, Kiss, etc.  Fans of video games are interested in seeing as well as hearing their favorite games come to life.  Our visuals supply the audience with an assault on all the senses... just like they are accustomed to when they play the game.  For the non-gaming audience out there, they are treated with an amazing visual and audio display which is captivating and entertaining whether they are into video games or not.  Just going to see an orchestral concert of game music doesn’t really attract a lot of people outside of the hardcore fanbase of games.

4.  Video Games Live appeals to ALL audiences!  Because of the overall nature of our show, we appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike.  During our performances we attract non-gaming parents and grandparents as well as groups of friends coming together to celebrate the amazing industry of video games.  The segments in our show are not just the modern games, because we appeal to such a wide audience it was important to represent the entire history of the gaming industry which the 40+ crowd enjoyed growing up on as well.  We attract everyone and really turn them on to the power and emotion of the music as well as the excitement and energy of the amazing visuals the industry has to offer.  We get many letters and responses from non-gamers who say things like “Wow! I never knew the video game industry was this incredible!  I understand why my children are so into this stuff now.  I get it!  I had no idea!.” That for us is the biggest pay-off of all.  Not only turning on gamers to the culture of live symphonies, but also turning on the non-gamer to the video game industry as a whole.  It’s always been one of our biggest goals.

5.  Pre- and post-show festival!  Video Games Live is not just a concert, it's a celebration and event!  Each show we put on a costume contest with prizes.  We also organize meet & greets with famous video game industry folks from around the world.  We normally get about 25 - 30% of the audience that stays afterwards to meet the guests.  We DO NOT charge a premium like other video game concerts do.  This is part of the experience of going to a Video Games Live event. Some of our performances also have playable demos of games that have yet to come out (depending on the venue and space).

6.  Interactivity with the audience!  Video games are all about interactivity and Video Games Live is no exception.  We have special interactive segments with the crowd in which people are randomly picked from the audience to come up on stage and compete with one another while the orchestra plays the music in perfect synchronization with the visuals on screen.  As the player is playing the game the conductor is leading the orchestra and changing the music score in real-time on-the-fly to whatever is happening on screen!

7.  Electronic percussionist and solo performers.  We combine the technology and excitement of live musicians together with the orchestra to provide the most cutting-edge performance we can.  It’s very rare that you see things like electric guitar and electronic performers playing with a live orchestra but some of the best game music out there combines these things with an orchestra to create a really cool hybrid sound.  Because of the synchronization and electronics we are able to enhance the show to ensure the highest quality and amazing power that this music has to offer.

8.  A show created and produced by actual video game composers.  Tommy Tallarico & Jack Wall (Creators and Executive Producers) are personally involved in every show.  Aside from producing, Jack is on stage each and every night conducting the orchestra and choir.  Tommy is the MC and host.  Tommy Tallarico has been in the video game industry for over 19 years and has worked on over 275 games.  Jack Wall has been writing music for games for nearly 13 years as well. For more information about their careers (and the rest of the experienced team that puts on the show) please visit the Our Team section.

9.  Sponsor support.  Aside from all of the video game publishers and developers supporting our efforts, we also have the financial support of excellent high profile tech companies such as AMD and Intel, and prestigious music organizations such as ASCAP & the GRAMMY's.  Leading peripheral manufactures such as Razer proudly help to present Video Games Live around the world.  Major retail outlets like Future Shop (Best Buy) in Canada, GameStop, GameCrazy and others take part in helping to promote Video Games Live to the masses.  We have incredible media sponsors like IGN.com (45 million unique users), Ziff-Davis Group (22 million video gamers), Future Publishing (150 specialty magazines), GameDaily, Wizard Entertainment Group (comic conventions & magazines), etc. 

10.  TICKET PRICES!!  After listing the above differences you may be thinking that there is a lot of value for the audience... but at what cost?  One of the best parts about Video Games Live is that we have ALL of these amazing things and are also affordably priced!  Our goal with our concerts are to raise awareness for the wonderful music and franchises that are represented in the show.  By providing an incredible experience at a reasonable price will help to build an audience bigger and better each and every year we return.  We want entire families to be able to afford and enjoy excellent seats at a reasonable price.  We’re not some concert promoters looking to make a quick buck off the fans. We’re here to help build the industry by raising awareness about the industry and the wonderful music and visuals that go with it. We want a show that the whole family or a group of friends can attend.

Is it true that Video Games Live held the largest video game concert in the world?

Yes!  In fact, our debut show on July 6th, 2005 at the Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles Philharmonic had over 11,000+ paid people in attendance!  Since then we've had performances of up to 30,000+!!!

Your trailer is really amazing! Can we expect to see all of that stuff at every show?

Each performance we do is unique. Venue size, stage size, orchestra size, concert start time etc. all have an effect on what we are able to show and perform.  While some shows may feature added bonuses such as stage performers, stage props, lasers etc. others may not.  Every show, however, includes synchronized video and lighting, special effects, interactive on-stage segments, pre- and post-show festival activities along with the orchestra and choir performing the greatest video game music of all time!

Where is the best place to sit for a performance?

Each venue is unique and different in its own way, but we typically hear from our audiences and promoters that about 10 - 20 rows back in the center gives a very full and fantastic experience.  Front rows in the balcony sections are also very popular. 

What if my question wasn't answered in this FAQ?

Please e-mail us directly at info@videogameslive.com and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank-you for your support and interest in Video Games Live!

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