Video Games Live Blu-Ray Review!


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"Video Games Live is one of the more unique and invigorating concert experiences of the past decade."

"Video Games Live
samples some of the gaming industry's top scores, both past and present, through a full orchestra presentation that brings the games to life like never before, all complimented with a dazzling display of showmanship that makes for a complete entertainment experience."

"Fan of the games or not or even fan of all the music or not, the sheer energy and excitement generated by Video Games Live is undeniable."

"With plenty of additional footage, surprise guests, and touching moments, Video Games Live makes for a pitch-perfect evening of entertainment that won't soon be forgotten."

"Video Games Live: Level 2 features a stunning DTS-HD MA 5.1 lossless soundtrack that's easily the technical highlight of the disc and the perfect companion to the concert."

"'Wow.' That one word is really the perfect descriptor of the Video Games Live experience. This is such a simple idea but at the same time one that's incredibly forward-thinking from the mind of Tommy Tallarico, a true visionary who comes off as both passionate and sincere in every interview and through his energized on-stage performances. Video Games Live combines several elements and meshes them together in perfect harmony for a one-of-a-kind experience of sight and sound. Enough to stir the souls of the most passionate gamers, satiate the more demanding fan of symphony and instrumental music, and get the blood pumping of the most ardent concert fan, Video Games Live is a novel experience that's suitable not only for music and video game fans, but the entire family. Full of energy, excitement, and yes, great music, Video Games Live is an experience not soon forgotten. Shout! Factory's Blu-ray release of Video Games Live: Level 2 features a stellar technical presentation and a good assortment of extras that should have been in high definition. Nevertheless, this is a must-own set that comes highly recommended."


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