BioWare Supports Video Games Live!

BioWare Founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka Attend Video Games Live in Edmonton
Appearance Kicks Off Two Sold Out Shows in First Ever Game Concerts in Alberta Region
Video Games Live Debuts Special Jade Empire Segment
To kick off the very first video game concerts ever in the Alberta territory of Canada, co-founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka of BioWare came out to show their support of Video Games Live by appearing on stage and taking part in the meet & greet with fans.  In fact, over 350 BioWare employees were in attendance to cheer on the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra as they played some of the greatest video game music of all time.  BioWare is responsible for such hits as Knights of the Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire & Baldur's Gate.  In honor of BioWare which is located locally in Edmonton, Video Games Live debuted the music of Jade Empire for the first time.  But there was also another connection, VGL co-creator and conductor Jack Wall was the composer of Jade Empire and is currently working on the much anticipated and upcoming BioWare product Mass Effect.  The concerts coincided with the release of Jade Empire Special Edition for the PC platform.  As with many segments in Video Games Live, development team members and game creators helped to produce and create the fully synchronized video portion of the segment. 
Before the Jade Empire performance, video game TV show host, producer and creator of Electric Playground Victor Lucas came on stage to do a live interview with Greg, Ray & Jack about the creative process that goes into making games and soundtracks.  Another connection?  VGL co-creator and host Tommy Tallarico has been working, writing and co-hosting with Victor on the award winning television show Electric Playground for over 10 years.  They also co-host and produce the highest rated and most watched video game show in the world “Reviews on the Run” (known as Judgment Day in the U.S.).  Everyone joined together for the post-show meet & greet with the audience which also included audio designer David Chan (Prey, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Knights of the Old Republic) among others.
The pre-show festival was sponsored by Future Shop.  They teamed up with both Sony & Microsoft which had PlayStation 3’s & XBOX 360’s for everyone to play.  Future Shop also raffled off an XBOX 360 as well as giving away $5.00 coupons for software.
The two sold out performances in Edmonton sparked two more show announcements for the Alberta region.  November 9th & 10th will see Video Games Live performing in Calgary, Alberta with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.  Tickets are currently on sale HERE.

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